Couples Counselling

I understand that relationships are very different; you might be in a heterosexual or same sex relationship, in a marriage, or with a less formalized commitment to each other.

Your particular relationship will be the focus of Couples Counselling;  this will be my client and at the heart of all the work we do together.

Both partners are encouraged to take responsibility for what they put into the relationship.  We will look at ways to strengthen and nurture it whether you are having particular difficulties or are seeking ways to deepen your connection.

We all bring aspects of what we have learned and experienced in life whether from our personal, social, cultural or family histories.  Sometimes these ways of seeing things are no longer necessary and can be unhelpful. Awareness of what could be happening enables us to pause and consider.  There are powerful techniques and tools available to help you look after your relationship.

You will take from Counselling, a greater knowledge and understanding of your relationship which will enable you to protect and develop it both now and in the future.

Couples Counselling can feel very different from having individual therapy as it is likely to feel more structured and perhaps more directed.  There needs to be a willingness on both sides to engage in the process and commit to it.

There are a few important issues you need to know:

  • Due to data protection legislation, I need both partners to contact me directly so that I know both sides are looking for Counselling and that I have permission to contact both partners.
  • Couples Counselling involves shared communication between Counsellor and both partners. There can be no unshared communication between client and one partner.
  • Sessions always include both parties; they cannot take place unless both partners are present.

Please contact me if you need more information.


Couples Counselling Room