How I work

After you get in touch, I can answer queries you might have and we can book an initial assessment session.

The first session is offered at a discount and gives the opportunity to see how my Counselling feels to you. This is important because the relationship between us needs to be one in which you can trust and speak openly, without feeling judged in any way.  

In this initial meeting I will ask for contact information and would hope to get some background about your situation and what you want to gain from your sessions with me. .

Counselling works best when it takes place regularly on a weekly basis; this might be over several weeks or a longer time period.  Once the Counselling  relationship is established and depending on the issues, less frequent sessions could be arranged.

Counselling can involve discussion to help you access why you might see a situation in a particular way, possibly questioning whether this is helpful or still relevant for you, it can include looking at your responses to difficult contexts, doing exercises to help shift unhelpful approaches or perhaps putting in carefully structured steps for you to reach a goal you would like to achieve.  On occasion it might be useful to look back at your experiences to understand more about yourself and why you might be thinking in the way you do.  If it helps you we can also use creative ways of working, with clay, sand, drawing tools for example; the emphasis would be on understanding where you are coming from more clearly, rather than any finished product. 

As Counselling continues the hope is that you will manage your problems more easily.  With increased understanding of yourself, others and your world, you are likely to find yourself coping more effectively and happily whatever your issues.  This is likely to hold true whatever the problem: depression,anxiety, substances, family, relationships, work situations, wanting to change your behaviour/s, altering how you see yourself or reconsidering beliefs and values.     

My theoretical approach is Integrative, underpinned by Existentialism.

Existentialism involves exploring individual meanings and  priorities, knowing and  living within the restrictions life carries and considering connections between self, others, ideas and the world around us.  Everyone is different and my Counselling approach is flexible to your needs

Integration brings several Counselling approaches together.  I work in a Person-Centred way with whatever will help my client move forward in the direction they want to go including tools from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychodynamic Theory, Transactional Analysis and Motivational Interviewing.

The aim of my Counselling is to help you find the best ways of living the life you choose for yourself.