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I am a qualified, experienced, practical and Accredited Counsellor, located in Woking. 

Karen Mackey

My Counselling training began, seeing at the charity where I was working, many people who seemed ‘stuck’. I believe we all have the ability to change and grow, to create the best possible lives for ourselves and the people around us. To do this we often need someone  alongside to help us make sense of our lives and know what matters most to us. Sometimes Counselling is the first experience of having another who is interested in you and your concerns.

My Counselling is based on the belief that everyone is different, each person trying to live their lives in a way that is meaningful for them and that everyone matters.  I offer time and openness so you can be heard and understood. 

I work online with adults, using Zoom, an encrypted video and audio service, with individuals or couples, including same sex partners. In less uncertain times I also do face to face Counselling.  

Sometimes a session or two of Counselling is all people are looking for to give them a fresh perspective. If you are wanting briefer Counselling, I suggest you start with an initial session of 90 minutes. Many people find they need more sessions, usually between 12 and 25 whilst others benefit from ongoing weekly counselling over years. I base my work around how you see your needs and am flexible and responsive to this. 

I have day, evening and some weekend sessions available. If you prefer face to face Counselling when this becomes safe again, parking is off road and very easy. 

If you are interested in having counselling with me, please email me at:    wokingcounselling@protonmail.com. or call me on 07495 267944.

Your first session will be at a reduced price so you can see whether you feel comfortable talking to me: £30.00 for an initial session for individuals, £45.00 for couples.  

Woking Counselling Support