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Welcome to my site for Counselling in Woking. I work as an Individual and Couples Counsellor for Woking, Guildford and surrounding areas.


About Counselling

I offer responsive and practical therapy to individuals looking to develop confidence and self-esteem and to partners looking to improve or take stock of their relationship.

Counselling helps; it is an opportunity to step back and notice, letting you recognise your priorities and be more in control over how you live your life.

Therapy involves talking but there are also practical tools and ideas which may help. You have a particular way of looking at the world which is to be valued; whatever you choose to do needs to make sense and fit for you.

Many problems are too difficult to resolve alone; family and friends may try to help but sometimes their advice or judgement create their own pressures.  When you are experiencing difficulties and looking to find your strengths, speaking to someone objective and understanding helps. 

As a Counsellor I aim to work in a practical way and be responsive to what you are looking for from therapy, offering ways to do things differently. We will explore what you bring to sessions from various perspectives which often brings about a different understanding and opens up alternative approaches.

There are many ways of managing difficult problems, whether these are to do with anxiety, addictions, depression, anger or negotiating relationships. Therapy sessions focus on finding what will help you get where you want to be.

Successful Counselling is very much about finding a therapist you feel comfortable with and trust so that you can talk openly and freely. I advise all my clients to try out a first session with me, rather than requiring a commitment to a set number of appointments. I also offer a free of charge 15-minute Zoom session so we can meet before you book a paid session.

About Me
I am an experienced Counsellor and accredited by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). I counsel both privately and as a volunteer at RASASC, an agency supporting survivors of rape and sexual abuse. I have also previously worked with Catalyst, a substance abuse and mental well-being charity, and Dialogue, the YMCA Counselling service in Guildford.

In my practice I see adults of all ages and from many backgrounds including people on the autistic spectrum where self-acceptance and affirmation are especially important. My Counselling is open to anyone over 18, whatever your gender, race, culture or age.

If you have any questions about therapy or are interested in having Counselling with me, please get in touch using the Contact Me tab.


Counselling can make a difference. It is possible to understand, to find clarity and direction and discover a way that works better for you and who you are. As a Counsellor I take a direct and practical approach so together we can make sense of what is happening and you can come away better equipped with the tools and ideas to move things forward.

My work is with both couples and individuals. Whether you have specific issues such as communication difficulties, anxiety, addiction, anger or stress or have a general sense that something is not right, Counselling is about having the space and time to speak freely and be heard and understood. Sessions will explore ways of making sense of what is happening and consider alternative perspectives and options so the choices you make are informed and considered ones.

Each of us has a particular and special way of looking at the world and, however you choose to live your life, it needs to make sense and fit with that view. My Counselling is very much about working with you personally and with what you bring to sessions so that you can manage your life in a way that works for you. As an Integrative Counsellor, I draw on various therapeutic approaches so am able to respond and adapt to what helps you most.

In the quiet and calm of the Counselling room, clients find a place where they can talk comfortably and safely about whatever concerns them. For many people this has been too difficult to do with family and friends because they are emotionally involved, at times offering advice which possibly does not feel helpful to you or reflect who you are. For some, Counselling is the first experience of being with someone interested in them, who takes time to listen, stays with them, respecting their thinking and decisions, for people with neuro-diversities such as ADHD or ASD this affirmation can be especially helpful. It is important that Counselling feels welcoming and friendly from the very first contact with me, so please feel free to get in touch with me about what you are looking for from the Counselling.

As a couple’s therapist, I welcome clients with many kinds of relationships issues, including heterosexual and same sex partners, I also work with adult child and parent difficulties. Couples work usually includes encouraging awareness and calm, clear and thoughtful communication between two people.

I am an experienced Counsellor, an Accredited Member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and a Member of the Association of Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO) and work both as a private therapist and as a volunteer Counsellor with RASASC in Guildford. I have previously volunteered with Catalyst, a drug, alcohol and well-being support agency, also in Guildford. In therapy I have seen clients from many backgrounds and have worked with relationship issues, depression, loss, anger, anxiety, people suffering abuse or with self-esteem, and addiction problems.

I always aim to provide a flexible Counselling service which gives you choices and this is especially important now in the current economic situation and the different work arrangements now in place. I offer a free 15 -minute phone or Zoom call before you decide to book a first appointment and for individual clients, following an initial one-hour appointment, there is also the option of shorter 30-minute sessions over Zoom. You can decide the interval between Counselling sessions and how many appointments you would like.

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Please note Counselling is not an emergency service. If you need urgent help, call 999, your GP or Samaritans on 116 123.

If you are looking at this page from outside the United Kingdom, www.befrienders.org can give you information about available crisis support where you are.

“Disillusionment in living is finding that no one can really ever be agreeing with you completely in anything.”
― Gertrude Stein

Whether you are looking for Individual Counselling or a Couple's Counsellor in Woking or Guildford please get in touch via 'Contact Me'.

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